About Us

Daixia Bank is a fully operative licensed bank, having its head offices in Hamchako, Anjouan, Union of Comoros. Established and operating in accordance with the Banking License number: L15670/DB, issued by The Offshore Finance Authority from the Autonomous Island of Anjouan, Union of Comoros, under Government Notice No. 005 of 2005, Daixia Bank provides secure financial and banking services, asset and portfolio protection management that is recognized internationally.

Daixia Bank takes another stride in its mission to be the dedicated bank of choice for Private Banking clients by  onboarding bankers and client advisors with over 100+ years of combined professional banking and wealth management experience across industries focused on energy, utilities, finance, technology, infrastructural development projects world wide  and logistics.

Daixia Bank is mandated in offering complete Banking Services to all International Clientele both on personal and corporate level.

Financial and banking services, asset and portfolio protection management, trade finance, commodities management, investment banking: our specialists are ready to support your business from the starting point to the closing one.

Daixia Bank offers variety of services that any international bank does, but all that can be done remotely with high level of confidentiality and privacy.

A full range of banking and financial services are available for Daixia Bank’s Personal & Corporate clientele. We provide advisory tailored services that cut through the complexities resulting from local, regional and international business pressures. With a wealth of industry experience and specialist knowledge, our banking professionals can help you address your business needs.

At Daixia Bank, we combine Trade & Finance, Asset & Wealth Management, Investment Banking and all other International Banking Services under one umbrella aiming to fashion a Boutique Banking culture. Daixia Bank is licensed to provide all types of International Banking services, International Trade Finance, Fiduciary & Escrow Services, are among the few.From the day of its establishment, Daixia bank held the policy of stable development, to become stronger in the International Offshore Private Investment Banking sector, and to make sure that the services become better quantitatively, as well as qualitatively.

Daixia Bank is the participant of banking system in the Autonomous Island of Anjouan.

Daixia Bank is proud to represent as International Banking Services provider for the clients of major local banks. Daixia Bank intends to take active participation in the development of the global economy, rendering all types of banking services to the broader circle of the International Business & Trading companies and individuals.YPR

Daixia Bank’s Mission

Our mission is to meet the requirements of our international clientele by providing tailor-made boutique banking services of highest quality and to establish a team of motivated professionals and advisors to provide a dynamic growth of profitability and the investment value of the Bank.

Daixia Bank’s Vision

To provides the following banking services to legal and neutral persons:

  • To accept cash deposits of any type (Depository Transactions);
  • To provide Loans and Borrow funds;
  • Assist the clients International Operations with trade financing, investment & wealth management;
  • Rendering all types of currency operations;
  • To issue Securities and to provide securities safekeeping, manage and accomplish securities purchase or sale ;
  • Submitting credits, collateral based funding, trade finance, investment & fund raising for projects.
  • High professionalism and operating abilities of our team of experienced international bankers and advisors allow us to guide our clients correctly and to render high quality services which in its turn supports increasing the number of quality clients.

  • We plan to Significantly increase partnerships and mutual activities with foreign banks, in the spheres of joint realization of mutual beneficial projects.

Management & Executive Profile

The Board of Directors (BoD) has a fundamental task for the accomplishment of our objectives to establish a sparkling image of a trusted and a friendly bank, all within the framework of cautious and effective controls.
The Board determines the banks aims, necessary financial and human resources upon recommendation of the Chief Executive Officer, and sets the values and standards to ensure that our obligations to our customers as well as to the relevant governing authorities are met.

Abid Zakaria

Member of the Board of Director

Kamran Zaheer

Member of the Board of Director

Faisal Shah

Member of the Board of Director

Raees Khan

Executive Director Far East

Dr. Rosario Bellantoni

Manager Operations


Zain Khan

Executive Director

Benamar Mokhtari

Mr. Mokhtari is former Head of Trade Finance at Societe Generale Zurich, Hinduja Bank Zurich, Bank Alpinum Liechtenstein and many other international banks.

Andrea Venier

International Business lawyer and experienced manager in various oil & gas companies and banking relationships along with expertise in financial markets.

Syed Khawaja Abbas Hussaini

Mr. Hussaini is a former Director of Deutsche Bank Middle East with vast experiences in global banking and is now a full time advisor to Daixia Bank.

Hassan Musa

Hassan Musa is an experienced introduction to the team with interests in developing Daixia Bank. Being ex Minister of Information & Technology and Based in Switzerland, Hassan Musa intends to coordinate between the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors with added expertise in the field of Asset management & digital transformation.

Abdul Rafay Ashraf

Ex Investment manager Barclays Wealth Recent MBA graduate Australia. International strategy and compliance. CEO Of Rayyan strategic consultants. Romania.


Full Name:


Registered address:

1370 Hamchako,
Union Des Comores 

Document Processing Office

ITALY: 27 via Moscova, 20121, Milan, Italy.



+269 3941105

+44 744 139 8834


Our License is subject to the laws of the Autonomous Island of Anjouan, Union of Comoros Offshore Finance Authority Government Notice Number 005 of 2005.

This objects and purpose of the bank is to offer different banking services for corporate, private banking for the general public and non-residents of the Union of Comoros, to carry on all or any of the business of a company and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to carry on, in conjunction with each other or as separate and distinct undertakings, all or any of the following businesses:

  • To accept cash deposits of any type (depositary transections).
  • To provide loans and borrow funds (loan transactions).
  • To carry out currency and exchange transactions.
  • To issue securities and credit cards processing.
  • To provide security safekeeping, manage securities and accomplish securities purchase of sale.
  • To act as intermediary in securities trading.
  • To provide guarantees of any type (trade finance business). 
  • To effect payments (opening of accounts for legal entities and individuals).
  • To hold assets, capital, precision metals, bonds, shares or another financial instruments for the third parties.
  • To undertake electronic commerce (e-commerce).
  • To provide other financial services.

And to carry on business as capitalists, financers, promotors and concessionaries and participate in undertake, carry on and execute all kinds of financial, commercial, industrial, trading, exploitation. Development, agency and other operations and to advance or provide money, with or without securities, to concessionaries, inventors, patentees and others, for the purpose of improving and developing or assisting to improve and develop any concessions, lands or otherwise. Or of experimenting, improving, testing or developing any invention, design or process industrial or otherwise.

Company Number:


Banking License Number:

L 15670/DB